Health: eight major healthy advantages of kissing

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1, promote blood circulation: kissing, a man’s heart rose to 110 jumps per minute, a woman’s heart rate jumped up to 108, which will promote blood circulation and blood provide for the body.
2, elevated human activity: kissing, people turn into extra active and energetic than previously, improved human activity.
3, Beauty: When persons put to tongue kissing, face, mouth and jaw, a total of 38 muscles were mobilized. Consequently, kissing can typically stretch wrinkles, and avoid the formation of wrinkles, and kissing has thus turn into the beauty.
4, weight: the identical can not be ignored is that a two-minute kiss can consume 15 calories, then kiss for a long time can contribute to weight reduction.
5, the elimination of tension and increase pleasure: Kissing can eradicate anxiety, overcome depression, frustration and fear. People clearly know the cause: the intersection when the lips and tongue, the pancreas to accelerate the secretion of insulin, adrenal glands to release hormones adrenaline. All the complete body into a pleasurable state of alert, a large number of neuropeptide release is a result of factors. They inhibit the negative tension hormone cortisol. So when people today feel definitely super enjoyable kissing.
6, pain relief: by far the most into the German study showed that the extra passionate when kissing, the body will secrete more of a narcotic effect of endorphins, hormones developed by a kiss can play an analgesic impact.
7, the lifting with the diaphragm spasm: Only handful of persons know the negative effects: Because the function of kissing with the lifting of cramps, so when people put totally physically and mentally to kiss, you may promptly remove the annoying hiccup phenomenon. Naturally, both women and men kissing can enhance the production of hormones the body **.
8, to avoid dental caries and periodontal illness: because the body tension kissing inhibition element, so it can be in and the tension aspect inside the saliva, which will change the oral atmosphere. French dentists believe that: a way to stop kissing may be the occurrence of dental caries and periodontal disease.
Moreover, the capabilities vital to point out kissing kiss a direct impact on the excellent of a direct impact on kissing “medicinal.” Kissing isn’t a easy two lips met together, the famous German psychologist Henayili of kissing the mouth of a specific study carried out, she stated, kissing the mouth you will find three sorts:
(1) closed sort. Both men and women still in the initial stage of appreciate, though there is certainly a powerful demand for kissing, but they are still shy, so when the kissing mouth largely closed their mouth, only among the lip and lip kiss.
(two) half-closed sort. Kissing each and every other’s side in the upper lip to move between upper and lower lip, after which gently rubbing back and forth about. Make each excited,
(3) convex kind. Among the lip and gently rubbing the lip, the development of mutual sucking, exposure to a much more comprehensive, far more enthusiastic expression of feeling.